--World's Best Kept Secret: Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe


During the successful teamwork with Sandi Pichon on "Elvis On Tour '75", the Praytome Publishing team mentioned in a personal discussion with Sandi that for several years they wanted to do a project about Lake Tahoe.

However; unfortunately, everything concerning Tahoe is a complete mystery. There are only a handful of photos available. All existing information is based on vague reports, second hand word of mouth and Lake Tahoe memorabilia remains the rarest and most sought after in the Elvis World.

Until today, it is inexplicable why there is such a vast amount of material about Las Vegas, but close
to nothing exists about Lake Tahoe. Thousands of photos are known documenting Elvis' engagements in Las Vegas. But in contrast, there were 5 engagements in Lake Tahoe where nearly nothing is known - only a handful of pictures, a few reports and a few audio documents.

Why is Lake Tahoe such an enigma?

Such a mystery that Ed Bonja, who was Elvis' tour photographer and responsible for nearly all covershots of singles and LPs of the 70s, names the book "World's Best Kept Secret".

When we talked with Sandi about Tahoe she responded:

"Lake Tahoe?"
"You must absolutely talk to Sue!"
"Sue McCasland from Vegas?"
"Yes, THAT Sue!"
"Sue is MISS Tahoe!"

That was the birth of the "World's Best Kept Secret: Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe".

When the book was announced, for the first time a surge went through the Elvis World. It was said that it is impossible to write a book about Tahoe and a pictorial about Elvis in Tahoe - not true. Although Elvis performed five engagements in Tahoe and performed in a small, but idyllic resort area, only a few photos exist. (And most of the few were taken by Sue McCasland!)

Up to today, Tahoe is still a mystery why such a little known venue where sold out concerts occurred
had been forgotten in contrast to Las Vegas. Photos of Elvis and Sahara Tahoe memorabilia are some of the rarest collectibles in the world. A really difficult beginning situation for an informative pictorial definitive book. But Sue really did it! She fantastically managed to dig out the most unknown information and with hundreds of unpublished photos to disclose the "best kept secret".

Her unique connections and contacts to people in the Elvis scene helped her to gain memorabilia expert Joseph A. Krein as the co-author for her book. Sue saw the professional work of the Praytome Publishing team. During the research for "Elvis On Tour '75", Sue had been already on site to witness the various single important sections of the work done together with the team. Soon it was obvious, that she shared the enthusiasm of the team and the love for detail and for Elvis in order to give her precious photos their worthy treatment. Precious on the one hand for the author, because the photos are a perfect completion for her memories of that time with Elvis, and precious on the other hand for the fans, who had not been in Tahoe. In order to let the photos look brilliant again, not only a grade of accuracy and love for detail is necessary, but also the use of the most modern techniques as well as the reproduction.

Important features are:

* Artwork:
Like "Elvis On Tour '75" all pictures were in chronological order. Memorabilia is not only displayed but also explained and with several detail advancements, evolution instead of revolution was the motto.

* Information
Like on all Praytome Publishing products we attached also in this book great importance to the information content and it should not only be a book which contains random pictures on a single page but if possible precise details concerning place and date as well as authentic stories of people which were there on the different occasions. Equally important for the producers were background information you can get through newspaper articles or show reviews, bills, checks and other paperwork.

* Restoration
Photos which have lost color intensity due to their age, should be post-worked. We wanted to use every possible technological help to remove kinks, cracks or stains to come up to the historic photos. To compile a defintive book about the performances at the Sahara Tahoe we used also every source available, even the amateurish instamatic shots / negatives.

* Cost & Performance

Due to the fans reacting positive to the improved paper quantity and print quality in the "Born To Rock"- book, we decided to contine using the same material on this project like we did during the prodcution of "Behind The Image 2" and "Elvis on Tour '75", to achieve again excellent results. This means for the customer and fan great quality while the already low cost / performance ratio, which was already established by the very first book of Praytome Publishing "Elvis - Behind The Image 1", was maintained.

World's Best Kept Secret: Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe