--World's Best Kept Secret: Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe

The book :

What you see is what you get:

World's Best Kept Secret:
Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe

With this book, the fans will get what they have been waiting for - a definitive book about the engagements of Elvis Presley at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe from 1971 through 1976. Author Sue McCasland recounts her experiences of the magic of the Elvis Presley show and shares her photographs for the first time with Elvis fans world wide. Memorabilia expert Joseph A. Krein opens his huge collection and explains the unique and rare items.

Countless interviews and conversations, with additional Elvis fans who were also there, when Elvis played live in Tahoe plus comprehensive research preceded the work before the project was started. The end result was very important to the team to have an exciting, fact based, but also a very vivid book about this never before documented time frame of Elvis' life and career.

The content :

Sue McCasland and Joseph A. Krein allow you get an insight into the mysterious, unexplored and fascinating area of the "World's Best Kept Secret".

The book "Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe" offers many memories and impressions of the 70s about Lake Tahoe. From the history of the Lake itself, to the owner of the hotel Del E. Webb, from the architect Martin Stern, Jr. to the opening ceremony of the Sahara Tahoe.

The chronological way of telling the story about all these events and the retrospection to 'what it was like' is not only an eye catcher, but will fascinate the reader. Former employees tell their stories about the fans and Elvis with corresponding pictures to create a complete image of the gambling paradise with Elvis' performances in the mind's eye.

Ed Bonja, Elvis' official tour photographer recounts his memories of the entourage crew accompanied by original Sahara Tahoe memorabilia and personal items (letters, checks, bills, etc.).

In 1976 ELVIS is announced with large letters.
Thanks to the fans, the smaller, black letters were always the same: ALL CONCERTS SOLD OUT!

The book explains the change of the Sahara Tahoe Hotel (when Elvis played there) to today's version called the "Horizon". There's a spotlight on the connection to the "Barton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary" and how Elvis supported the hospital with his performances. Dick Grob (member of the Memphis Mafia and bodyguard) also with Sonny West (Elvis' friend and bodyguard) enrich the book with great stories about the things that happened while being with Elvis in Lake Tahoe.

Sue McCasland was among the very few fans who were able to take pictures. You have to know that you were allowed to take pictures during concerts when Elvis was on tour, but during the engagements at Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe it was prohibited. There was a much more intimate atmosphere in Tahoe, because of a smaller showroom, so the risk was higher to get caught while sneaking cameras into the showroom and taking pictures during the concert. With that knowledge, one can appreciate the value of Sue's photos - a real treasure, so to say. And thank God, Sue has decided to share her personal treasure with the world.

Almost every existing photo of Elvis' performances in Tahoe from 1971-1976 has been tracked down and restored for the use in combination with historical information in this visual experience. You will see Elvis in a great mood, smiling, entertaining the audience and enjoying the moments where there is interaction with the audience. See him wearing a gorilla mask, see him having fun with Mickey Mouse ears, see him kissing his female fans, singing spontaneously rare versions of "Young and Beautiful", "Return To Sender" or an exclusive rendition of "Happy Birthday" and witness the moment where Elvis gets caught in a water pistol fight. It's amazing!

Different perspectives, different angles and a vast collection of different stage outfits portray Elvis on stage. Complementary items like tickets, newspaper articles, reviews, advertisements, banners, posters, menus, napkins, ashtrays, dice, casino memorabilia, postcards and a lot more. This book will definitely provide you information and shots you have never seen before. The Praytome Publishing team is proud to present you the most comprehensive photo collection of Elvis' performances in Lake Tahoe and are very happy Sue McCasland decided to share her personal collection of memories and unpublished photos.

The complete story about Tahoe. Complete? Absolutely!
The book explains not only the origin of the name "Lake Tahoe", but gives a lot more information about the area. There are details about the resort area, the idea of creating a hotel nearby with the opening ceremony of the hotel plus the plans and architectural designs by Martin Stern, Jr. - which, of course, contain the structure of the showroom and, of course, ELVIS!

The photos are real gems, not only because they have never been published, but the May '74 engagement is illustrated for the very first time.

See Elvis wearing the Peacock suit (photo on the right side). One of the biggest surprises is the collection of more than two dozen shots from October 1974 showing Elvis in the Sundial suit. The myth that this suit was only worn in 1977 comes now to an end, definitely. That's one of the reasons why this book is call a "definitive book".

May 25, 1974 M.S. - © Sue McCasland

The realization :

In which category can this book be best placed? The question is easily asked, but the answer is really difficult to answer. It's a definitive book - category: comprehensive and many-sided.

Lake Tahoe - a wonderful resort area for people
who love to ski and enjoy the beauty of nature

Many-sided because the appeal of the content reaches a very diversified target audience.

Among the fans, there are some who enjoy the nice pictorials where Elvis smiles impishly in the camera and really looks marvelous. There are fans who are interested in the pictures, because they want to study the famous suits.

There are fans who want the pictures in order to archive concretely dated photos according to the concerts. There are those who are interested in the listing of the recordings of the engagements.Other fans will read with enthusiasm the impressions of the concerts from first hand witnesses in order to image themselves there.

Furthermore, people want to read stories and reports of Elvis backstage to know about the meeting of Elvis and Clint Eastwood ("Dirty Harry").

Then there are fans who are more interested in why some shows had been canceled and about the "Mother's Day Shows", and how the hotel, the showroom and Elvis' suite looked like. And then you have the memorabilia collectors, who have been dependent on other experts to help them understand the Tahoe memorabilia. And in the end, there are fans who are interested in everything.

August 1, 1971 - © Judy Cherry

In opposition to the former "Live" pictorial books of Praytome Publishing, this is a "Definitive Book" which deals intensively with a specific topic and doesn't put the focus on a special concert as in "Born To Rock".

The content intensively matters about Elvis' complete engagements in the years 1971-76. Furthermore, for the better understanding for the reader as the city itself and the entire surrounding area is explained.

The style had to be adapted to the different requirements as it deals intensively with the topic as you would never had thought it could be possible. When the announcement came out, the Elvis World agreed that it's not possible at all to write a book about Tahoe!

The final product shows about 470 photos and memorabilia with extensive explanations. A picture of
Elvis in Lake Tahoe, you never knew before.


As a matter of course, the same paper we used for "Born To Rock" is applied. It has a special varnish which protects the book from the reader's fingerprints.

Because of the positive response from the fans concerning the improved quality of paper and also the printing, we decided to use the same material to reach another excellent result.

The producers together with the authors Sue McCasland and Joseph A. Krein made the dream come true to publish a book about Elvis' engagements in Lake Tahoe, which is not to put the other Praytome Publishing projects in the background.

While keeping the thought in mind "Evolution instead of Revolution" and with the help of many fans, insistent research, countless hours of working and unique teamwork, this dream is a reality and after more than three decades, the best kept secret is revealed.

October 11, 1974 M.S. - © Sue McCasland

Mother's Day Show - 03:00 A.M.
May 9, 1976 - Elvis wearing the Mickey Mouse Ears - © Sue McCasland

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World's Best Kept Secret: Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe