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Print Media (Please click here for an overview)
  Elvis Presley has always been an inherent part of the media, when he was alive and after his early death in 1977. Nearly no day passes where it is not reported in the media about anything concerning Elvis. No other artist has more active fans in fanclubs than Elvis. Nearly all of this clubs have their own magazine or a so called newsletter where they report about things worth knowing about new releases of upcoming Elvis products. Since the release of our first Elvis product in 2002 (Elvis - Behind The Image - Volume 1) we are enhanced in every worldwide publication. The leading journalists of the Elvis scene have capaciously dealt with our releases and not only detailed reported about them, but also the through our products new gained information evaluated and analyzed.

The fan community and the experts have praised out efforts and the whole team of Praytome Publishing and Bud Glass Productions (known in the Elvis world as the The Behind The Image Team) would like to thank you for this positive cooperation.

Also in the future we will make every effort to support every respectable publication and are looking forward to a contined cooperation in the coming years. Because of the large amount of magazines and published articles on our products please understand that we can publish here only a small selection. But, however, we will update this part of the website from time to time, to let you enjoy the outstanding articles from often exotic countries.
Internet (Please click here for an overview)
  The triumphal precession of the internet in the 90's didn't go past Elvis traceless. Elvis regularly has a neck-and-neck race with the Beatles and both parties displace each other constantly in the amount of relevant worldwide websites. After nearly every Elvis fan created a small Elvis-homepage some experts, however, focused on certain topics and areas from Elvis's career and life.

The topic Elvis was just much to large, to bring out on a website. A lot of sites for example only deal with his music, only with his movies or only with the recordings sessions. A wonderful relevant website is Elvis-History.com, which deals with Elvis's whole life. On this website you can call up events and information in Elvis's life, chronologically structured and sorted after date. A wonderful complement to deepen the time frame we cover with our documentaries.

Today it is usual for an Elvis fan instead of having the newspaper on the table, to go to his favorite news sites and to read first the morning Elvis news. A site which has excelled itself is EPGold.com which is the original source where all the other Elvis sites take their news from.

Unfortunately the internet is not always as reliable as it should be. After our first release "Elvis - Behind The Image DVD - Volume 1" in 2002 we got thousands of requests via E-Mail and the operators of Elvis websites wanted a free DVD for a so called review on their site. A lot of the considered themselves unbelievably important and reacted very disgusted, when they received a polite answer-mail that said we wouldn't give out any review-copies. Accordingly you can find in the net very adventurous articles about the different products of the different producers from the so called Elvis experts. We totally distance ourselves from such things.

We stopped the cooperation with two international sites. One was caught several times with faked reviews and constitutes itself with stealing news from other websites and the operators always sick against everybody with other names in their own messageboard. The other a so called collectors website is lead by bootleg producers who push their own products and lie about other products. All that together with a messageboard which is surely one of the worst in the Elvis scene (and we are very happy that it is not allowed to mention our name there). [………………….]
But those are only a few black sheep and they are absolutely not representative for the whole internet, which has mainly well researched works with lovingly made websites. On hundred thousands of sites are products are represented and it is really fun to surf at these sites for Behind The Image Products. 5000 websites are in our so called allocator and also here we were able to get a good cooperation over years. With the upcoming of the internet a lot of print media had to fight to keep up with the speed of the internet especially in the news area. Here we will make well researched articles from all countries concerning the according product available for you.