--Elvis - Behind The Image - The Book - Volume 2


After the release of "Elvis: Behind The Image" Volume 1- The book and its unbelievable success it was decided to do a different genre instead of focusing on a sequel. That's why the concert book "Elvis: Born To Rock" was released first.

Like with the DVD "Elvis: Behind The Image 2" it was the same situation we know from the great Hollywood movie history:

There, second parts are mostly a cheap copy of the successful first part, the original.

The numerous fan reactions and the positive praises (see "In The Press") didn't let this product remain a product during the months after the release, but they elevated it to an institution.

It was quickly agreed that with BTI the book a classic had been created and that this ingenious format shouldn't be used to cannabalize this more than famous name.

Bud Glass and the complete Praytome Publishing Team didn't only considered it a challenge but a mission to create a worthy second part as follower of the book the fans call lovingly "Queen of Candids".
So the problem resulted, to not only create something equal,
but to improve something good - not an easy task for Bud Glass for the second part of his series..

In editorial staff conferences for hours all pros and cons were compared to each other and a concept for the promising book project "Elvis: Behind The Image 2 - Welcome To His World" was created.

What composed the charm of the predecessor should remain in the second part and should be complemented with new features:

The original style should remain so that the reader quickly feels homelike again. Despite the original artwork should be improved by several detail advancements, evolution instead of revolution was the motto.

Like on all BG Productions we attached also in this book great importance to the information content and it should not only be a book which contains random pictures on a single page but if possible precise details concerning place and date as well as authentic stories of people which were there on the different occasions. Equally important for the producers were background information you can get through newspaper articles or show reviews.

Photos which have lost color intensity due to their age, should be post-worked. We wanted to use every possible technological help to remove kinks, cracks or stains to come up to the historic photos.

*Cost & Performance
Due to the fans reacting positive to the improved paper quantity and print quality in the "Born To Rock"- book, we decided to use the same material on this project, the "BTR paper" to achieve again excellent results. While BTI 1 the book covered the years 1966-1975 we wanted to cover a larger time frame of Elvis's life in the new release. But, however, to attach the same importance to every decade of Elvis's life we used considerable more photos, which led of course to a higher number of pages. This means for the customer and fan more quality, more content while the already low cost / performance ratio, which was already established by the predecessor, was maintained. Worth mentioning is that the book is a totally independent project, like the predecessors BTI book/DVD and that it differs from the DVD according to the content. The only parallel is that the book also deals with the private and personal side of Elvis and shows the man "Behind The Image".

The producers were especially pleased when it became clear, that the dream team of the predecessor could be united again. Sandi Miller's unique journals let the private Elvis seem so human and are in addition interesting and exciting. Besides Sandi's memories, the producers were able to include further stories and reports from contemporary witnesses so that previously not so famous or totally new impressions could be documented for the fan world. The stories are being impressively illustrated by photos Sandi Miller took herself at that time and further candids, which derive from the impressive Russ Howe archive (www.KingCandids.com). Photos were also used from The Bob Klein Archives (www.tcbphotos.com)as well as from many other generous fans who were happy to share their collections with the author for this great new production.

We want to thank the eye witnesses who did not only make their stories but also their photos available for this unique work. Bud Glass took great care that these photos were presented in an appropriate and fitting mannor.

Translation by Nadine Schwenk

Elvis - Behind The Image - The Book - Volume 2