-April 12, 2009 - "Happy Easter" + DVD Easteregg on "Elvis - Paternity Suit"

Happy Easter 2009

To all the Elvisfans world-wide: "Happy Easter 2009".

Well, Elvis already found the easter eggs, but what about you ? Did you find the Easter-Egg on the release "Elvis - Paternity Suit" ? Oh, you didn't know that there is one ? Well there is one, now you know, you just have to search and find it to take part in our little give-away celebration.

If you drop us an email (email@praytome-publishing.com) and tell us how to find the hidden video and what content it has, then you automatically will enter our 5 prizes (products by Bud Glass Productions / Praytome Publishing) give away "Easter 2009" - celebration. What are you waiting for ?

Please click here to run the trailer for "Elvis - Paternity Suit"

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-April 04, 2009 - "Elvis - Dixieland Delight" - A Memorial Day Weekend with the King

Elvis: Dixieland Delight

After some of our publications had been released, some questions concerning the pictures we used arose. We are very happy to answer these questions and clear them up.

Everyone who knows our products, knows about our high standards of quality and professionalism. Of course, this applies particularly to the copyright of pictures we use in our productions to insure continued exclusive access to images or material; therefore, we can not use any material without the permission and clearance of the copyright owner.We do understand that people might say to themselves when seeing one of “our” pictures, “I know this pictures but it is not from xxx it is from yyy.”

For example, we want to explain why such questions come up from time to time and why they are completely unjustified. We are using two exclusive pictures, which surfaced during our research for our latest project "Dixieland Delight.”

These images seem to capture the same moment and to be photographed from the same angle. There seems to be no doubt about that. What is not clear is whether the pictures were taken by the same person. Often times, there are only minute differences between different images that can only be seen with a close inspection of each image.

In our example, we have a Beverly Mickle shot and a shot by George Hill. These pictures have been made by two different individuals. The fact that they stood almost next to each other when they took the pictures showed very little difference in the pictures. We see in the image of Beverly Mickle (left) only half of the face of the plush mouse, while in the image of George Hill (right) we see the entire figure.

In this case, we received the images directly from the photographer.
During our research, we also work with photo collectors in order to find images to match a certain project. We are happy when we find find a picture to match a particular anecdote, but clarifying the copyright or tracking down the original photographer brings us to another important point with which we must deal.

Whenever possible, we try to work directly from original negatives. In many cases, when someone would meet Elvis, he or she would take many pictures of the event; therefore, a whole set of photos of that particular event exists. A good example of this is Sandi Miller, whose unforgettable photos were used in the book series "Elvis - Behind The Image" by Bud Glass. As Sandi waited for Elvis at Graceland - usually with several of her friends - many photos were taken by her and her friends. These photos were taken virtually at the same moment from the same location.To provide all our readers with an example of just how important this issue is to all of us at Praytome Publishing, let it be known that we contacted Sandi's friends to obtain their okay for using their pictures as well. Due to the previous high-quality work done by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing, many photographers have given their material and permission to use that material in our publications.. The names of these photographers are listed in the "credits" section of each individual project.

This is one of many reasons why our work and publications differ from that of other publishers.

For our latest project, "Dixieland Delight," we spent several years in the research and preparation of it. This included the screening of hundreds of pictures and countless other materials which were thought not even to exist or to still exist. It will be presented to the Elvis Fans Worldwide for the first time. It is the first project of its kind about Elvis' concert series in Huntsville and what the mere announcement of Elvis' concerts caused there.

For us, the clarification of the copyright is the of highest priority - and that applies for each element which is used in our projects. This fair and professional behavior ensures that we will be having cooperation with Elvis' closest friends, confidants and companions.


the raw / unedited shot by Beverly Mickle

the raw / unedited shot by George Hill


-February 20, 2009 - DVD "Elvis: Behind The Image 2" now available again

Cover of the 2009 Edition

Elvis: Behind The Image 2 DVD
When Bud Glass started his first DVD project in 2002, he had a vision of a new DVD & book series that was different from anything else that had been released before. Bud Glass Productions joined forces with Praytome Publishing and released the book “Elvis- Behind The Image – Vol. 1“ that goes along with the DVD.

While the book & DVD became best-sellers among the Elvis fans worldwide, the producers continued their search for new interview partners who could provide an inside view to the private side of the humanity of Elvis Presley; and, of course, the search for new Super8 material went on as well.

In 2004, the DVD “Elvis – Behind The Image 2 – Welcome To His World” saw the light of day. For the very first time, Cynthia Pepper, who was Elvis’ co-star in his MGM motion picture “Kissin’ Cousins,” was interviewed for this project. Ed Hill and Ed Enoch of the famous gospel group “J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet” talk about their personal memories of Elvis; and, being musicians themselves, they provide an even more interesting perspective of Elvis – the musician and entertainer.

The Super8 footage on this 2nd volume of “Elvis – Behind The Image” is one of the best Super8 clips you will ever see. Click here to see the Trailer for the DVD "Elvis: Behind The Image 2"

The footage itself consists of close up shots in amazing quality.

Elvis live on stage in:

Houston, TX - November 12, 1971

Dallas, TX – November 13, 1971

Los Angeles, CA – May 1974

Las Vegas, NV – September 1974

With the latest laser technologies, the material has been transferred to achieve the best possible quality and preserve the legacy of Elvis for future generations. People were amazed and fans freaked out about the fantastic material. Some of them even thought that the material originated from 16mm reels because of the great quality.

The DVD was a success worldwide; and the producers were very proud when the interviews on the DVD were used as a source to squelch rumours: e.g. when a fan on a message board posted that Elvis was totally disinterested in doing recordings during “Jungle Room Session,” other fans replied to him that he should watch “Behind The Image 2” where Ed Enoch and Ed Hill both talk in-depth about Elvis’ great mood at that time.

Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing continued releasing new projects like the DVD series “Elvis – Adrenaline 70” and “Elvis – Adrenaline 71” which represent the first two volumes of a Las Vegas Anthology series or the book projects “Elvis – Born To Rock”, “Elvis on Tour ‘75”, “Elvis – Paternity Suit uncovered” or “Elvis Live at Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe – World’s Best Kept Secret”. Detailed information about the products are available on this website.

The DVD “Elvis - Behind The Image 2” was sold out by the end of the year 2006. Since then, wholesalers, fan-clubs and fans worldwide have been looking for the DVD to include in their collections. With such a huge demand for a sold out item and so many requests for a reprint, Praytome Publishing decided to support the fan base by providing a slightly modified version of this well-known DVD release. There has been an update in the famous trailer section on the DVD-Extra chapter. Until now the trailers for “Elvis on Tour ‘75”, “Elvis live at Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe” and “Dixieland Delight” were available only on Youtube.com. On this DVD release, you can experience them for the first time in high quality. The DVD is available world-wide again, the ISBN Number is: 978-3-00-020052-6

It’s great to know that the fans know the difference between a self-made, computer-burned disc and a collectable, factory-pressed release. Because of the huge demand for “Behind The Image 2” this DVD is now re-released. We’d like to point out that the loyal fans who already bought the first edition do not necessarily need to buy this re-release.

Thank you for all your support. With your support and feedback, Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing are able to continue bringing you new unreleased material of Elvis Presley. Watch out for “Dixieland Delight – A Memorial Day Weekend with Elvis in Huntsville ‘75” to be released in 2009.

Click here to see the Trailer for the DVD "Elvis: Behind The Image 2"


-January 01, 2009 - Teaser-Trailer "Dixieland Delight"


Happy new (Elvis-) Year to all of you!

Let's start the new year with Elvis, all right? Praytome Publishing proudly presents the teaser trailer for the upcoming Bud Glass Productions' project "Dixieland Delight - A Memorial Day Weekend With The King".

During the research an unbelievable amount of pictures and information surfaced. Of course, the Huntsville shows - 5 performances in a row in a single venue, that was even more than everybody expected and topped the Madison Square Garden record with 4 shows in a row.

This Huntsville event was even so spectacular that the TV station's reporter team shoot pro-footage to cover this moment. The producers of "Dixieland Delight" not only only traced down the reporter but also the complete footage. But have yourself a look at the trailer, there is so much to discover that the previously announced book / DVD release can not represent the event in its entirety. Therefor you can expect something that is really different from anything you have ever seen before...

Please click the play button to start the video. You need to have flash player installed to be able to see the content.

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-December 20, 2008 - Trailer "World's Best Kept Secret"


Finally - just in time for the Christmas Holidays we have a special gift for you. Oh no, wait - to be exact, there are two gifts in all.

The first one:

Praytome Publishing proudly presents the Trailer for "Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe - World's Best Kept Secret" by author Sue McCasland and collector Joseph A. Krein.

When in 2003 the first Elvis book trailer (Elvis - Behind The Image) ever was released we at Praytome Publishing didn't have a single clue that from then on, the Elvisworld would expect with every new release an accompanying trailer. We even receive emails in case the product is released but the trailer is not available.. how cool is that ?

Please click the play button to start the video. You need to have flash player installed to be able to see the content.

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Uhhm, yes.. we told you about a 2nd gift... what is it ? Do you really want to know ? Well, it is:
Dixieland Delight - A Memorial Day Weekend with the King

More than 2 years ago when we announced this project in our "Elvis Presley - Paternity Suit" release. Since then the complete project changed, changed, changed because we obtained more and more material for this production. Author Bud Glass came up with a special idea of presenting this unique event in a very special way. It will be something very uncommon and different from any other product that Praytome Publishing has released in the past. Being released in 2009 we will celebrate this special project starting


By then, the Teaser-Trailer will give you an idea of what this is all about. Start the new year 2009 with Elvis - Dixieland Delight. So be sure to check out this website.

-November 21, 2008 - Coming up next: A new project

Greg Retkowski, head of Praytome Publishing (left), shakes hands with Charles Stone (right).
Photo top right: Charles Stone on stage with Elvis Presley (1976)

Two men - one handshake
We are more than happy to tell the fans world-wide that Charles Stone has now chosen Praytome Publishing as a partner for his upcoming Elvis-project. Stone, who has never given an inside view into his part in the Elvis phenomenon, will now share his memories about his work as the tour producer for Elvis Presley in the 1970's.


-November 13, 2008 - Advertisement "Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe"

Graceland No. 182

The official fanmagazine of the German Elvis Presley society has an avertisement for Sue McCasland's / Joseph A. Krein's "Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe" book. Members of the fanclub will receive a special treatment. Instead of 39,00 EUR they only have to pay 32,00 EUR for the book.

If you are interested in a membership please visit the official website for more information about the club: www.epg-ev.de

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